Virginia Bound : The Story

Don't go sticking your neck out. That's what I say.... Look after yourself, and don't trust no one.

If only Rob had listened to his own advice and not taken Nell, an orphan like himself, under his wing, he wouldn't be in this predicament. Thanks to Nell's kind and trusting nature, the two of them had been kidnapped off the streets of London and sent across the ocean to Virginia. And now Rob is in the Jamestown colony, separated from Nell and forced to work as an indentured servant to a cruel tobacco farmer. His only companion offers little consolation. She is a mute Indian girl, and has nothing in common with Rob — or does she?

In this suspenseful adventure story set in 1627, Rob must find a way to persevere in the harsh New World, even if it means accepting — and returning — the help of others.

Recommended for grades 4-8 (age 9-13)

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